The Rhythm of Life Exhibition coming to Gozo, Malta in October.

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'The Rhythm of Life, a journey through my lens' exhibition will open on the 14th of October at 11am in Gozo in the Maltese Islands.

The proceeds of this exhibition will be donated to the Malta Community Chest Fund

Each image will be for sale, image sizes will be 16 x 24 inches.

This exhibition will be held at the Art e Gallery, Victoria, Gozo, Malta

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Upon being invited to have an exhibition of my work in Gozo due to sponsorship through CVC Media Group Gozo, it has given me an opportunity to put something back.

The ongoing work I have been doing in the Maltese Islands for some years is used in various international exhibitions. My work is available for various publications, travel pieces and high quality prints. As I have mentioned many times before, nothing I do just happens. There is an enormous amount of organization, permits, permissions and advice. Most important I get help from good solid trustworthy friends.

Special mention should go to CVC Medea Group for their sponsorship and support for this exhibition, without their sponsorship and support this exhibition would not be taking place. I would also like to make special mention to the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), Foreign Affairs Malta (MFA) and good friend Marlene Galea, for their on going support and advice. All of this helps facilitates my on going work.

More information including sponsor list coming soon.


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