Malta Islands in History

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Malta Islands in History

is my visual interpretation of the movement of time and the evolution of architecture and motifs on Malta and Gozo. The influence of people thought out history that have made their mark from the Hospitaller Knights of Malta (SMOM) and Maltese Nobility to the people that make society and every day life continually move forward.  

Malta is a small but a very shiny jewel in the Mediterranean. Its history show’s temples for about 5000BC, Roman ruins to the fortifications of differing ages throughout the Maltese Islands. From the charming Baroque buildings and thriving fertile arts community Malta is culturally ever moving forward. Although Malta has a strong History for me every step was a new site to behold, it also has a strong vibrant future this is evident as one moves around this country. The size of the Maltese Islands makes it easily accessible for all tourists

For the images in this exhibition I owe a special thanks to the Consulate General for Malta in Victoria, Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) Heritage Malta for granting me the permits to shoot in these amazing locations.  

This exhibition was held at Essoign in 205 William St Melbourne.

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