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Do you see an image that you think will make an impact, an important statement about your love of art? All of my images are available for purchase. View the Limited Edition pricing information here. Each item is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity. Please contact me for further information.


Image warning

Warning do not use or copy any Martin Bonnici Photography images without written permission

Before use of an image, permission must be given in writing “prior to use” or full commercial fee of not less than $1500 per image, per use will be charged no matter how small the use. Breach of copyright is an international offence. Commercial damages will be pursued for anyone using Martin Bonnici Photography images without written permission.

Abstract images are a concept, they are not a whimsical mistake that one all of a sudden thinks: "This is an out of focus image, I might call it an arty abstract".

Although some photographers will choose not to tell you their secrets, one should be able to tell you exactly how they did an image and why. Abstracts images are a disipline that can move byond a physical known object, they rely only on themselves.

Each element of the images in this gallery are carefully thought through. With understanding of what I am looking for and how to get the look I am after. With maney years of knowlage, I am able to achive the predictable results I want.

I hope you enjoy these images, they are about concept, thought, emotion, texture, shape, form, colour and communication.