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Warning do not use or copy any Martin Bonnici Photography images without written permission

Before use of an image, permission must be given in writing “prior to use” or full commercial fee of not less than $1500 per image, per use will be charged no matter how small the use. Breach of copyright is an international offence. Commercial damages will be pursued for anyone using Martin Bonnici Photography images without written permission.

The Maltese islands are an amazing tapestry of history and sights for all tourists especially for the photographer. I can’t recommend Malta highly enough for its friendly people, good prices and endless cultural layers. I hope you enjoy the images I have loaded.

For this Malta gallery, I owe a special thank you to the forma Consul General for Malta in Victoria Ms Angele Azzopardi and former Consul General for Malta in Victoria Mr Charles Mifsud and staff Ms Gioconda Schembri and Ms Miriam Cassar.

I also want to give a special thank you the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) Ms Carina Dimech for the amount of help, support and continuing support and guidance I received whilst planning for and shooting in Malta.