Do you see a print you like?

Do you see an image that you think will make an impact, an important statement about your love of art? All of my images are available for purchase. View the Limited Edition pricing information here. Each item is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity. Please contact me for further information.



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Pricing for Martin Bonnici Photography Unframed Limited and Non Limited prints

Do you see a print you like? Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Shooting

When shooting internationally, it is important to make sure I capture the right images to convey a strong narrative through my lens. My process is not just a random act of point and shoot, but a carefully considered method. It’s about searching for the image that at times chooses me – a connection to
something higher than self.

My photographic inspiration is drawn from history, painters, writers, philosophers, musicians, environment, some people and the threads of life.

The Post-production

Each Martin Bonnici Photography image is produced using a very lengthy process of visual understanding to retain the dignity of the image. Each image has many hours of post-production to make sure the correct intention and ambiance is properly communicated.

From my constant study of various painters, writers and philosophers, I use a blend of formally trained knowledge as I move beyond the image to search for a deeper level of communication.

The prints

Images are produced on the highest quality canvas or fine art paper with high quality Giclée solvent Inks and or dyes.

All prices of prints are for non framed prints for ease and cheeper frieght.

Limited Edition Prints. *Special rates available for multiple purchases

  • 1 meter = up to €1200 (print size 1 meter at the longest point)
  • 16 x24 inch un framed prints = up to €800 (print size 24 inch at the longest point)
  • 10 x 16inch un framed prints = up to €400 (print size 16 inch at the longest point)


Non Limited Edition Prints. *

  • 1 meter = up to €800 (print size 1 meter at the longest point)
  • 16 x 24 inch un framed prints = up to €600 (print size 24 inch at the longest point)
  • 10 x 16inch un framed prints = up to €200 (print size 16 inch at the longest point)

Freight will be met by purchaser over and above the prices of the price range above.

Alternative Size Images & Total Buyout Rates

Please contact Martin Bonnici for further details if you wish to purchase an image in an alternative size or if you are interested in total buy out rates.

Editorial and other use

Most Martin Bonnici Photography Images are available for editorial, commercial and stock purposes. Martin Bonnici retains full rights and copyright of all images unless agreed and permission is given in writing prior to use.

Assigned & Commissioned Work

I am available for commercial, assigned and privet commissioned work. Contact me for rates and lets see how to make your project work for you.

Warning do not use or copy any Martin Bonnici Photography images without written permission

Before use of an image, permission must be given in writing “prior to use” or full commercial fee of not less than $1500 per image, per use will be charged no matter how small the use.  Breach of copyright is an international offence.  Commercial damages will be pursued for anyone using Martin Bonnici Photography images without written permission.