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Commercial Hire Rates

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Hire me for Commissions & Assigned work.

Week, Day and Half Day Rates

  • Weekly rates
  • Day rates
  • Half day rates
  • Hourly rates

For international assignments and assigned work availability, please inquire in writing.

  • Martin Bonnici Photography retains all rights and full copyright of any work shot unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • 50% of the fee + 100% of expenses must be paid up front prior to commencement of the a job starting and the remaining 50% on delivery. No work will be handed over until full payment has been made.
  • Low resolution, heavily watermarked copies of images will be supplied for inspection, these images are strictly not for use in any way. The final full resolution images will be supplied for use upon full payment of any commissioned or assigned work.
  • The best way to calculate Martin Bonnici Photography work is: 1 hour of shooting = a minumum of 1 hour of post production. This calculation is only a guide and will change from job to job.
  • No half hour rates
  • No quarter hour rates

No job will start until both parties agree in writing.

*Please note, all Martin Bonnici Photography rates are a standard guide.

Each job will be priced according to the requests of the client, once we have agreed in writing on the rates for the work that needs to be done those prices will not change. If the client wants to change the job the prices will also change. When using other suppliers services, any savings or discounts I receive from suppliers will be passed on in full to my clients. Please contact me to make further inquiries.

All prices are subject to change