My Statement

I specialise in international travel and adventure photography as well as photojournalism. In the field I find the opportunity for a very broad style of photographic work.  I shoot portraits, architecture, landscapes and abstracts and everything in-between world wide.


When one thinks of travel the first thing that comes to mind is the physical or geographical movement from one place to another. For me it’s much more involved it’s the endless pursuit of the question without the need to have an answer it takes in all of life, time, shape, form, action and emotion. Henri Cartier Bresson one of the most important fathers of photojournalism spoke of the decisive moment, but what is a moment?


French philosopher Voltaire spoke of the importance of time. Roman Emperor (philosopher king) Marcus Aurelius spoke of the passage of time and the need to act so as to not wast the precious moments. French photographer Henri Cartier Bresson father of photojournalism spoke of the Decisive moment.

My photographic work explores a combination of these topics in life via travel photography in all its glory. I define my own work as a continuous visual philosophical question. “Is the image a moment in a lifetime or a lifetime in a moment?”

Please enjoy my work.