My Statement

I specialise in international travel and adventure photography as well as photojournalism. In the field I often find the opportunity for a very broad shooting style of photographic work. Among some of the subject matter I shoot  includes: portraits, architecture, landscapes, fine art and abstracts as well as everything in-between world wide.
When one thinks about travel often the first thing that comes to mind is the physical or geographical movement from one place to another. For me it is much more involved, it is the endless pursuit of the question without always the need to find the exact answer. For me it takes in all of life, time, shape, form, action and emotion. 
Henri Cartier Bresson one of the most important fathers of photojournalism spoke about the decisive moment, but what is a moment? French philosopher Voltaire spoke of the importance of time. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius spoke of the passage of time and the need to act so as to not wast our precious moments. 
With all of this in mind, in part my own photographic work explores a combination of these topics in life via my ever evolving photographic journey. In many ways I describe  my own work as a continual visual and philosophical question, “Is the image a moment  in time of a lifetime in a moment”?
In short, everyone has a different way of looking at life. Their methods of working and expression IS totally unique  to them. In my view this is one of the many things that make the arts so special.
To break down a very small part of the thought process I go though in no particular order looks something like this: 
  • Aesthetics: What is good (or not good) and why?
  • Composition: What am I trying to say and how do I encourage you to look at what I want you to look at.  
  • Accuracy: Camera settings for the light, colour, focus, depth of field and so on. 
  • Digestion: My interpretation  of an image to leave the viewer with the right feel to that image so they hopefully come to the right conclusion. This means understanding the rules and techniques with the intention of breaking down each element to find a deeper level of expression. Also, to be fluid is important.  
Part of a huge process of what I use to bring it all together is Platonic, Socratic and Aristotle's dialogs. As an example from the book of Parmenides. They talk about things that are alike but not a like. In our modern times translates to a photo is like a scene I am trying to show you but it is not that actual scene only a representation of it. My job as I see it is to evoke emotions by showing you that image. 
My sliding question: What are my clients concepts? What are my clients needs? What and I trying to show you? What do I need you to feel? Have I achieved my goals? Last of all do I want layers in the image that you may or may not find.
The answer: What will the use of that image be. That will allow me to finish the image off for that purpose.
I hope you enjoy my work